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hey guys are ready for dancing and breaking the dance floor with your insane dance moves then here is the list for you which help you to show your full dancing talent in wedding and you rock the marriage and break the stage !!
For wedding one of the most favorite day is dance day everyone loves to dance so i know you need some awesome dancing punjabi songs so you dance like pro in wedding
So guys here i pick some awesome tracks for you just plug your dj on and play these songs and start dancing
So guys let’s chak de fatte with these energetic and high beat punjabi wedding songs you know the power of punjabi songs your legs automatically start dancing
The people who fear from dancing and never ever dance anywhere they also start dancing and rule the dance floor
So guys it’s dancing time and here is the list
Go and chak de fatte.
best punjabi wedding songs list 2018

Top hits of Punjabi wedding songs list 2018

  • Patiala peg
  • Bapu zamidarr
  • Glassi masti
  • Part getting hot
  • Glassi masti
  • Lakk 28 kudi
  • Lethal combination
  • Love dose
  • Gabru
  • Breck up party

Honey singh wedding songs list 2018

  • Gal ban gyi
  • Blue eyes
  • Lungi dance
  • Raat jashen di
  • Dope shope
  • Superman
  • Angreji beat
  • Ethir neechel
  • Brown rang
  • Mood kharab

Gippy grewall wedding songs list  2018

  • Jatt
  • Patt lainge
  • Jaat on top
  • Taur
  • Jhanjhar
  • Bad baby
  • Hello hello
  • Kach da samaan
  • Party like a punjabi
  • Mithi meri jaan

Babshah songs list 2018

  • Terminator
  • Kar gayi chull
  • Saturday Saturday
  • 2 many girls
  • Bandook
  • Desi hip hop
  • Dhup chik
  • Vroom vroom
  • Wakhra swag
  • Bingo

Ikka songs list 2018

  • Half window down
  • This singh is so stylish
  • Disco vich
  • In da club
  • Andi mandi
  • Sheesha down

Classic punjabi songs list wedding 2018


  • Bebo
  • Jaan nachdi
  • Mitra de boot
  • mombatiye
  • Aaj blue h pani pani
  • Paani wala dance
  • Massi
  • Desi gaana
  • Anchko machko
  • Punjabi wedding song
So guys these are the best punjabi wedding songs list 2018.
which you can use to break the dancing floor in the marriage now hit the songs on player and start dancing and beat the everyone in dancing all the best and top rated beats songs is here so
let’s start dance
In punjabi music there is a magic on these songs which makes everyone energetic and their high volume beat makes everyone start dancing
So guys let’s dance on wedding and make your wedding dance memorable
After preparing a good dancing performance for yourself don’t forget to share this awesome list with your freinds and family members so whenever they attend any wedding on their locality or in their relative they also perform a good dance in their wedding and break the stage
So guys
This is the best punjabi wedding songs list i added all the best and popular singers punjabi songs collection.
if you know more and your favorite music for Punjabi wedding lets share your songs view comments
I will update them also in this list
Thank you

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