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Holi the most colorful festival of our india. We indians love this festival and this day we play holi with our frends,family and neighbors and color them with variety of colors and some other like old age people’s like our dadaji or dadiji they prefer tilak holi and celebrate with his friends and brothers all peoples celebration style is different one
so lets increse the celebration joy with these holi songs list hindi  and dance on these tracks some people set speakers on front of their bike side and play songs while they are going to color them so lets check out these best holi songs list hindi 2018
Top 10 best holi songs 2018

  • Rang barse
  • Holi aayi pyari pyari bhar bichkari
  • Mat maro shyam pichkari
  • Holi aayi re kanyi rang barse
  • Holiya m ude re gulal
  • Do me a fever lets play holi
  • Tan rang lo ji aaj mann rang lo
  • Aaj na chodenge
  • Phagun aayo re
  • Holi k din
  • Balam pichkari
  • Aare ja re hat natkhat
  • Ang se ang
  • Holi ayee re kanyee
  • Chaan k mohalle
  • Soni soni
  • Holi khele raghuveera
  • Jai jai shiv shannkar
  • Lahu muhh lag gaya
  • Koi bheege hai rang se
  • Mohe chedo na
  • Rang lo
  • Khelo rang hamare sath aaj
Another great songs of holi 2018

  • Rang laga lo
  • Holi main dil se dil mila lo
  • Mal de gulal
  • Saat rang main khel rahi
  • Radhe sang khele holi govinda
  • Sang basanti rang basanti
  • Rang dalo pheko gulaal
  • Jhankaro jhankaro
  • Mohe rang  de
  • Rang de basanti chola
  • Rang di rang di
  • Dil main holi jal rahi hai
  • Holi re holi rango ki toli
  • Holi rango ki goli
  • Ey gori
  • Meri pehli hi tang thi choli
  • Laal laal ho gaye gori k gaal
  • Rang dalo pheko gulal
  • Rang dalunga chunri
  • Jogiji wah
  • Bhagi re bhagi brij bala
  • Koi bheega hai rang se
So this is the best holi songs list hindi 2018.
all the best and latest top hits from our Bollywood industry is here all the evergreen holi songs you find it here now what are waiting for just turn on the speakers and play these mind blowing awesome holi songs
And make your holi more awesome and memorable
Color all the people which you find on holi day don’t use kodia color just use natural color and don’t over do it
Don’t waste water and prefer a secure and dry holi save your skin and in advance happy holi from me
all the latest and most played holi songs i added in this list if know more which you use onholi festival
you can share view  comments with everyone and you can also wish me happy holi view comments
Waiting for your wish
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