hey guys need birthday party songs so you can play and dance crazy on birthday but confused on choosing songs so no more trouble i made a list for you so you can enjoy your birthday party dance celebration at top level play these tracks and dance with your frends in birthday
after cake cutting and gpl of your birthday bakra frind we need to dance and celebrate the birthday night in a full dance mood the hostals buddys most favorite style of celebrating birthdays of their friends they wait till 12 pm and when time rises they start gpl and beating frend and then say happy birthday bhai chal dance krte h
so guys lets dance on these tracks list just play these birthday songs list on your friend birthday and enjoy birthday party
happy Birthday songs list in hindi 2018
 best happy birthday songs list hindi 2017

top 20 all time favroite birthday songs list hindi/english  2018


  • chote tera birthday aaya
  • barr barr din yeh aaye
  • chidiya choon choon karti h
  • happy birthday to you (farz)
  • happy birhday to you mr. pedro (amit kumar,udit narayan)
  • janam din aaya
  • mere laal aaj tera janam din h
  • tumko hamari umar lagg jaye

english song


  • The Beatles (birthday )
  • Combichrist (happy fucking birthday )
  • No dought (six feet under)
  • Stevie wonder (happy birthday )
  • Jeremih (birthday sex)
  • 2 chainz (birthday song )
  • Tiny moving parts
  • 50 cent (in da club)
  • Leslie gore (it’s my party)
  • Altered images (happy birthday)

happy Birthday party songs list hindi 2018

  • Lets nacho
  • Happy Birthday to you -kill dil
  • Tananchey pe disco
  • Dhupchik
  • Dj wale babu
  • Abhi toh party shuru hui h
  • 4 baj gye lekin party abi bki h
  • Saturday Saturday
  • Party all night
  • Alcoholic
  • Johnny johnny
  • Ladki ki party
  • Dope shope
  • Brown rang
  • Mauja hi muaja
  • Hangover
  • Party getting hot
  • Pink lips
  • Sunny sunny
  • Pani wala dance
  • Bang bang
  • bulleya
  • Love you jindgi
  • Baaki baate peene k baad
  • Manma emotion jaage re
  • Tukur tukur
  • Gulabo
  • Shamm shandar

top hindi Birthday songs 2018

  • Happy Birthday to you
  • Hum bhi agar bache hote
  • Happy Birthday
  • Tumko hamari umar lag jaye
  • Chote tera birthday aaya
  • Janam din aaya
  • Tujhe dekh kr jeeta
  • Hebby budhe pe no 6
  • Bar bar din yehaayee
  • Tum jiyo hazaro sall
  • Nani teri morni ko morr le gye
  • Mere laal aaj tera janamdin hai
  • Chidiya choon choon karti h
  • Taare jitne neel gagan taare
  • Hum bhi agar bache hote
  • Ek batta do do batte char
  • Aao jhoomen nache
  • O mamma dear mamma
  • Munde de mann
  • Baje badhai more angna
  • Chun chun karti aaye chidiya
  • Eechak daana beechak daana
  • Chakke pe chakka
  • Bar bar din yeh aaye
  • Bacche man k sache
  • Aati rahengi bahare

English happy birthday songs list 2018


  • The Beatles (birthday )
  • Combichrist (happy fucking birthday )
  • No dought (six feet under)
  • Stevie wonder (happy birthday )
  • Jeremih (birthday sex)
  • 2 chainz (birthday song )
  • Tiny moving parts
  • 50 cent (in da club)
  • Leslie gore (it’s my party)
  • Altered images (happy birthday)
  • The creasts 16 candles
  • They might be giant (older)
  • Weird Ai (happy birthday )
  • Sufjan Stevens (happy birthday )
  • The smiths (unhappy birthday)
  • Birthday cake (rihanna)
  • Twista (birthday )
  • Neil sedaka (happy birthday sweet sixteen)
  • Destiny’s child (Birthday)
  • Dethklok (Birthday dethday)
  • Loretta Lynn (Happy birthday )
  • Destiny’s child (happy birthday)
  • Maxi priest (Birthday )
  • Selena Gomez (birthday )
  • Madonna(B day song )
  • Katy perry (Birthday )
  • Ween (birthday boy)
  • Don McLean (birthday song )
  • Blur (birthday)
  • Frankle Cosmos (birthday song)
  • Childish major happy birthday)
  • The smiths (unhappy birthday )
  • Say anything (death for my birthday )
  • The sugar cubes (birthday)
  • Nooshi the balloon dude


So guys this is best birthday songs list hindi 2018.
all the best and top hits from our bollywood industry is here now pick the song and hit on your music player and party hard
After celebrating your friends birthday party don’t forget to share this awesome birthday songs list with your freinds and family members so they also enjoy  their party with these songs and dance like pro
So guys
i hope you like it all the latest and new birthday and party songs added in this list
all the songs i added in this  i play on party or my frends play on their birthdays party’s
so guys share your buddys birthday songs list which you usually play on their birthday party
i will add that songs also in this list
Thank you

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