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 cricket quotes

inspire cricket quotes

1) There is no cricket team in the world
or two players. Team player always
He wins.

2) I lost, and cricket is my first
    love when I’m on the ground, it’s different
    the sun is completely and hungry to receive
    he is still there

3) Badminton is not as glamorous as a cricket.

4) My job is to act, enjoy cricket and thank God for what he gave me.

5) Do not study cricket too much.
What I have learned or experienced
it’s through cricket, that I played in the field
and what little I saw.

6) If you play good cricket, many bad things
You are hiding

7) I stopped the objectives. If you have this
many objectives, it is very scandalous, so no
Keep in mind, keep simple, hardworking
and go play

8) The face of the team are people who
plays on the cricket field. The team does not
per person
9) As a writer, a cricketer signs his name in the field

10) To still breathe cricket.

11) The land of Cricket is a flat part of the earth with
some buildings around him

12) How much depends on the game of golf
Ask my wife that I’m here every day
13) Every active athlete must be very focused. You should be in a good mood. If your energy is redirected in different directions, you will not get results. I need to know when to turn it on and off: and everything around me. Cricket is in the foreground, the rest is in the background
14) In cricket, my superhero is SASHIN TENDULKAR. He was always my hero and he will stay that way. Outside and outside of cricket, my mother continued to be my inspiration. The hard work that I have found has always been for me. He gave me all the strength. He remained calm and supported me in difficult times

15) I hate to lose, and cricket is my first love, when I go to earth, it’s completely different, and this desire to win is always there.

fun cricket quotes


1) Third judges must change the levels each time … and for the same reason
2) Cricket should light a little. My decision is to allow players to drink at the beginning of the game, and not later. He still works in our picnic campaigns
3) Vegetarian vegetarian beet. If you swallow a fly, you will be in trouble
4) Referee Eddie Nichols – a man who can not find his backside in both hands
5) Another advantage of England, when Phil Tufnell plays bowling, is that he does not run
6) I can not say that I am bad. I will not hit enough to hit hard
7) This is Cunis in the Vauxhall End. Kunis is a funny name. Neither one nor the other
8) I do not ask Cathy to meet with Michael Holding. Then I do not understand why I will change the diapers
9) There is a very small audience here. I can count people from one side. Can not exceed 30
10) The Port Elizabeth field is rounder than the oval. It’s big and square
11) Cricket is a game played by 11 crazy people, and 11,000 crazy people see it
12) The only person who wants to call and wish luck to his partner at the same time
13) They came to see me bat, not a bowl
14) I creep so slowly that if I do not like the ball, I can run and pick it up
fifteen). Knock, who is there? how are you? do not go home now

cricket quotes for girl

1) I was looking for a cricket team in every school or university, and most of them are disappointed.
 2) These memories of a cricket cricket! Your childhood has many days during which your parents or grandparents drilled you to play cricket with your friends on the street.
        3) Do you remember this “loot” when you learned your basics? You feel like a genius that explains your friends what’s out of the game and on the side of the leg.
         4) You like every part of the game! At that moment when Laxmann sounds elegant and tells: “What a beautiful picture!
         5) Outstanding friends who love players: Nothing can annoy you more than a friend admiring a player with a bad game just because he thinks he’s cute. “Look at the game, it’s not a player
         6) Do you really feel the beauty of the test queue? In general, you can only watch test matches because none of your Muggle Muggle friends can hold the ball for 5 days.
         7) You are tired of these sexistic comments about cricket exposure. “Are you a girl and see cricket?” Some say it in the beginning with “What?” And at the end of “Wow!”
         8) And then there is an endless debate. You prefer to talk about Dhoni or Ganguly about who is the best captain, like Kapoor, is more beautiful.
         9) You have had problems with parental licenses. Even if you want to watch all stadium matches, your parents know how impossible it is. Your Muggle Muggle Friends never ask a trip because they know what to recover.
         10) But it’s a completely different world. You know that MRF is not just a tire manufacturer, but Mongoose is not just an animal.


cricket quotes love

1) I hate losing, and cricket is my first love, when I hit the field there is a whole different field, and there is always a thirst for victory.
2) A girl who loves a cricket, a decent girl
3) I’ve never been good at cricket, I thought I loved it like some kind of secret
4) I have three dogs at home, even after losing a series or water series. They treat me the same way
5) Age is a fall in case, if you do not mind it does not matter
6) I love to suffer more than one cricket is more interesting, and you know amazing people
7) Cricket is the most important to me, so the rest is a comparison
8) My job is shopping, enjoying cricket and thanking God for what he gave me
9) I still remember the days when I asked what I have now
10) Failures are part of life, if you fail, you will not know if you will not learn that you will never change

life cricket quotes

1) Cricket and life are the same, each ball is equal to every minute, each shorts equals an opportunity, and every door is an obstacle
2) The year lost during the first years of life is impossible, especially in cricket
3) I hate losing and cricket is my first love, when I enter the earth there is a whole different field, and there is always a thirst for victory.
4) We consider life easy and sporty to take it seriously
5) Life would be a mistake without love for cricket

team cricket quotes

1) No cricket team in the world depends on one or two players. The team always plays to win.

2) Is cricket not considered a team sport? I think people must decide first whether cricket is a team game or an individual sport.
3) Look down and see that I still have some blue, and this time roll your index finger under my chewing gum.
I shake magnificently. “I’ll never take it away.”
Cross the thin brush in the skin on my wrist. He will fall.
“I’ll ask you another one.”
“I’ll give you more.” He laughs and touches my nose with my.

4) I want to kiss her all night, the rest of my life. the only
5) Everyone has a fire, but the masters know when to ignite spark.

players cricket quotes

1) Enjoy the game and chase your dreams. Dreams become true
2) Era of aggressive and half-to-zero cricket games. Try now read the test mentality
3) My goal is to play test games. To me, there is another sense of the test when you check your character. You will recognize your mental strength and, more importantly, there is another level of satisfaction as players

4) I think we underestimate talent. What do we see as talent? I think I made the same mistake myself. We value talent for people’s ability to beat cricket. Sweetheart, Time It’s the only thing we see as talent. Things like determination, the neck
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