Hey guy’s need some awesome comebacks to roast  ?
their is no time if you unable to come with a good comeback at that time when someone insult you or roast you.
It’s your time to change the game and rule the game.
With great insults come great comebacks.
So always ready to do a good roast and roast them completely.
I pick some cool,funny comebacks which you can use to roast anybuddy in seconds.
Here is the list of best good roast comebacks.
best roast for comebacks

1.Best roast comebacks list

best comebacks lists
Comebacks are a class of quotations that come from authors. It is all about the feeling and has a quick response in your favor. Here is a list of comebacks that you can try to cover up in every situation.
  • When people laugh on you for being a nerd than say “Be nice to nerds. Opportunities are you will end up working for one.”
  • When someone asks why you do not smile then reply “I smile, just not when you are not around.”
  • He’s so stupid he tried drowning a fish.
  •  It’s not difficult to define “stupidity”. YOU make it easy.
  •  To call you “stupid” is not insulting enough…you are beyond stupid.
  • Do you know how old I am? Oh wait, I forgot you don’t know how to count!
  • STUPID is spelled Y-O-U.
  • Do you want to see something stupid? Get a mirror.
  • I have never seen a finer specimen of stupidity…until I met you.
  •  I would question your intelligence…if you had any.
  •  Wise words…for an idiot at lea

2.    Sarcastic comebacks:

best roast comebacks 2018

  •   If somebody calls you boring, then smile and ask them what make you so exciting?
  •  Always reply hard to the man that calls a woman bitch. Tell him that behind every bitch, there’s a man who made her that way!
  •    If your friend calls you a smart ass, have a good comeback and reply him that everyone requires a smart ass, sarcastic friend. I am delighted to be of service to you.
  • i’d slap you butthat would be animal abuse.
  • you are as useless as a screen window on a submarine.
  • are you sure you can handle another glass of wine -yeth
  • i did not mean to push your buttons. i was just looking for mute.

3.    Snappy comebacks:

sarcastic comebacks
•    When a hater is bothering you, then you have to say “if I wanted to listen to an asshole I’d fart.”
•    Reply fast by saying that I’m waiting for your husband to get divorced! If someone keeps asking you why you are not married.

4.    Rude comebacks:

good roasts
•    You must have been born on a highway because that is the only place when most of the accidents happen.
•    If someone calls you rude then say directly that I am not rude actually. I just told you what other people around you are thinking.

5.    comebacks For jerks:

•    I am not saying that I hate you, sweet heart. I mean to say that you are the Monday of my life.
•    Oops, sorry! It was sarcasm falls out of my mouth just in the same manner as stupidity falls out of yours.

6.   comebacks For girls:

•    When a scorching and sexy girl asks if you have a girlfriend, then make an impressive argument and say I am holding auditions at my place. She looks stunning.
•    If a girl calls you ugly say her “a pretty face is nothing without a pretty heart. Some of you girls should eat makeup to become pretty on the inside too.”

7.   comebacks For haters:

•    Express yourself with a positive attitude,“ Dear haters, I cannot do anything, but you can see that awesoME ends with ME and Ugly starts with U.”
•    Tease them by saying “hey, why fake nails, fake nails, fake hair, fake words and fake smile. Are you made in China??”

8.    comebacks For guys:

•    When your boyfriend calls you fatty than say “Fat, it is a temporary caloric imbalance, but stupid, stupid is a permanent genetic malfunction.”
•    If any guy keeps accusing you of being a bitch, then say “My name must taste good because it is always in your mouth.”

9.  comebacks for  Kids:
  • If someone insults you by blaming then say, “Unless your name is google stop acting like you know everything.”
  • When your kid asks why you do not like my friend then say “If you lie down with dogs, you will get up with fleas.”
10.    comebacks For shut up:

•    If someone insults you then say “you ass must get jealous of all that shit that comes out of your mouth.”
•    When someone interrupts you talking or won’t stop talking then say “I just love the sound very much that you make when you shut up.”

11.   comebacks In an argument:

•    If someone gives you a lousy argument, then say “Oh god! I am thinking of all the awesome stuff I could have said.”

•    When someone asks for your age, have a superb argument and say “Age does not matter unless you are wine or cheese.”
so guys this is the list of best funny comebacks I hope you like it.
All the best and good roasts is here pick anyone and be prepared for any situation.
Increase you knowledge and come with a great comeback in any situation.
No one can roast you.
These best roasts helps you to roast anybuddy in seconds..
Best roast comebacks is here.
Let’s increase your roasting and comeback power for any type of situation.
Be a legend.
So guys this is the list of best roast comebacks I hope you enjoy this list.
If you know more let me know view comments.

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