Hey guy’s are you planning to play 20 questions game with boyfriend/girlfriend ?
Here I pick top 100+ best 20 questions to ask while playing 20 question games.
no more confusion left on your mind.
You don’t need to think and waste your precise time.
Here I made complete list of question to ask while playing 20 question games.
Best questions is only here to ask boyfriend/girlfriend/family members and much more.
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20 questions game ideas

Top 100+ 20 questions games ideas 2018

1) First, you shower and wash!
2) are rather drink coffee or bow?
3) Planning clothes?
4) How do you feel now?
5) What you that are near that of the red?
6) What are you doing, if he had opened the door, and saw the body?
7) Tell me about the last dream you remember?
8) run three of his mind?
9) What do you have now?
10) What is to say that when the mind of the cabbage!
11) When you finally cry? What?
12), if it could be sit amet, who am I, I am not?
13) will hurt the most and who are not in life-deprecating?
14) Your turn it into ice cream or stand alone?
15) Favorite professionals at all times?
16) Do you?
17) Have you ever be met?
18), or is not able to deal with the army?
19) hear you right now?
20) How many have been spread everywhere, and you come from?
21) belongs to your parents?
22) Do you intend?
23) Then go out to eat with George W. Bush?
24) And now you have in mind?
25), which is what you want to say?
26) Once the summit?
27) The J Often the movies?
28) What’s your zodiac sign?
29) Hindi five facts about you
30) In former times their death they were not in their use is it? If you, What is done?
31) Do you believe in Karma or predestination?
32) brown and white eggs?
33) There is a hot topic?
34), except that on the march?
35) Have you ever been in love?
36) If the price of $ 1 million you like to spend the night in a haunted house right?
37) But if they would not be able to trade with topics that are, or will to live, is dead, part of which a change in you?
38) If you fail to live for 10 years in the future can tempt fill them to do for you?
39) If you admire and why?
40) What was your favorite night when I was a kid good story?
41) I walk down the street, you will find the fire. A woman says her baby was trapped inside what are you doing?
42) If the child is able to choose a professional future if you
43) What is the best experience with drugs or alcohol?
44) What was your worst since the use of drugs or alcohol?
45) When walking down the street, you will find a suitcase full of money next to a parked car, got it?
46) If I have found in the close friend of AIDS, when it was yet would be for them?
47) What do you stayed with corrupted?
48) Do you believe in ghosts, werewolves and vampires?
49) If you live forever, do not you?
50) there be a lot like the behavior that you are?
51) If you could go through the season, this is a time when you visit?
52) If you live in televise the performance you see?
53) If your child before you can choose the type of birth that you want to do?
54) Do you wish to live longer or be rich?
55) The last time he tried something new?
56) Who are you comparing?
57) What is the most sensible one of you heard?
58) The life excites you?
59) What is the hard thing that you have learned?
60) What do you like to spend more time five years ago?
61) The questions are enough to make or are tired, you know?
62) Who do you and what to do about it?
63) What do you think about many things which do not agree?
64) What are you doing now that you could not a year ago?
65) do weeping is a sign of weakness or strength?
66) What do I do for you? I knew nobody to judge you?
67) You keep what you have?
68) The crisis in his life?
69) If not now, when?
70) Are you remember that?
71), which looks like today is the joy?
72) You can lie and without saying a word?
73) If a friend who spoke to you: You have spoken long man allowed to your friend?
74) What Activations to lose time path?
75) That there are those who do these things are beyond you, and you shall push the things that her boyfriend?
76) Who will have more to do homework!
77) rise and fall of your expenses once you get married?
78) If it is something out of her closet was able to boast of your own, what it was going to happen?
79) Where will you have us go back to the marriage feast, but they are not a boyfriend?
80) The reason why the food from her boyfriend have in their homes?
81) What is your favorite drink?
82) What is your best part of the male anatomy?
83) What is waking up from a dream? 84) Where do you want to live after our retirement?

85) What did you mention recently?

86) What are your goals for the next year?

87) How can I help you reach them?

88) If you could choose your name, which child?

89) What are your biggest fears?

90) What was the moment of your product?

91) If you could have a superpower, what would it be?

92) When you come to heaven, what question do you want to ask God?

93) What are your favorite childhood memories?

94) What’s the best thing I’ve done for you?

95) What were your favorite baby programs?

96) Who is your hero?

97) How do you think God looks?

98) Do you think he is optimistic or optimistic, and why?

99) What is your favorite memory of the wedding day?

100) What are you asking?

101) Do you remember a certain part of today in a year? Five years

102) How to simplify the day in 5 minutes?

103) What did you say today that you never thought to leave your mouth?

104) What did you do to take care of you today?

105) How much coffee do you drink today?

106) If I had won 500rs and had to spend alone, what would you buy?

107) What image did you have on the walls of the room as a tango player?

108) Who was your favorite elementary school teacher?

109) What are the first clothes you remember?

110) If you could participate in an event in history, what would it be?

111) What are you grateful for our parents to teach you?

112) What’s the best thing I’ve done for you?

113) How do you describe me to others?

114) Who is someone in your past that you enjoyed meeting?

115) What was your favorite child’s toy?

116) After all, it has been said and done. What do you want to be famous or remember?

117) If you could be a genius in a problem, what would it be?

118) What was the fear of your childhood?

119) What do I do that makes it stronger and stronger?

120) Who is a high school friend that you respected a lot?

121) What do you hope to do again?

122) Who grew up in your neighborhood and who did you admire?

123) What is your biggest fear?

124) What would you like to see in your past?

125) Where is the most unexpected place you’ve ever met?

126) What are the three most important options you have done so far in your life?

127) What made you fall in love with me?

128) What do you dream of owning?

129) What is the best advice you have received?

130) What is one of your memories in high school?

131) Which of our traditions do you particularly like?132) If a husband can change his job, what should his dream be?

133) Will the maximum amount match the price of shoes?

134) When was the last time you read?

135) If you are a man marry a movie star you do not want?

136), where was your first day?

137) What are the strongest people who ever received a gift for you?

138) is our best and at the same time part of you, what have I done?

139) What is your favorite food to tell your husband?

140) How old is your wife and kissed her?

So guys these are the questions which you can ask while playing 20 questions game.
And you already know how to play 20 question game with your friends and family members.best questions list is here.
Now don’t wait just pick it and ask it.
all the best questions only here.
Let’s play with these questions.
Got their reactions and answers.
Surprise them.
With these awesome 20 question ideas 2018 collection.
So guys this post all about questions to ask while playing 20 question game with boyfriend/girlfriend.
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